About Us

We work with some of the poorest rural communities in India, with a desire to transform lives of the poorest and most marginalised people.

We bring about change working hand in hand with local partners, our donors and above all, our beneficiaries.

What We Do

We help the blind see, we ease the pain of the dying, we educate children and support farmers to grow crops and harvest water. Poverty reduction is at the core of what we do.

Our approach is different. We seek out entrepreneurial approaches; partners who can maximize benefits, who know their local communities and who can deliver impact. This helps us to reach to some of the most remote rural areas in India.

Our Work

Curable Blindness

India accounts to about 15 million people who are blind of which 1 million are children, 80% of which is curable, cataract being the leading cause.

We work in rural areas with a high prevalence of blindness and limited access to eye care. For example, in Bihar one of the poorest States in India, we funded 30,250 surgeries in 2016-17.


Food and water are among the two most basic human needs. With a reliable and safe source of water, farmers can irrigate their land, produce diverse crops and bring them to market securing a more sustainable livelihood. We help farmers construct wells, diversify crops and increase their incomes whilst protecting their environment.


At least 2 million people in India suffer in agony from terminal illness without effective pain relief and unfortunately only about 1% of people who need palliative care actually receive it. We provide vital care for people who are dying and support to families who in the absence of effective palliative care, are often forced into crippling debt.

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